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Technology that Reimagines Homeowners Insurancee

KoverageOne’s platform provides a simple and efficient method for borrowers to fulfill their insurance needs.


The KoverageOne Surge

Our proprietary platform offers your borrowers a seamless fulfillment process that provides competitively priced insurance products in a timely manner and eliminates possible points of failure along the way.


Eliminates 3rd Party Involvements

Become independant of relying upon a third party to provide a quote or a binder. You and your borrower manage the process, all of which is a click away.

Faster Application Times

Customers receive their quotes within minutes. No waiting for an insurance broker to return your call, provide a quote, or requesting more information. You and your borrower independently manage the process.

More Accurate and Competitive Quotes

KoverageOne will provide each borrower multiple options for each requested quote. All available options will be provided on a competitive basis. Customer satisfaction enhances the mortgage process while retain control of another deliverable.

Improved Customer Experience

The seamless experience KoverageOne provides makes it easier on your customers to keep track of their progress.

The New Way

Growing your Business

KoverageOne’s platform not only eliminates roadblocks and streamlines your process, but also provides an attractive alternative revenue stream. Inquire Today!

Our loan officers love how easy it is to work with KoverageOne. We know that our borrowers are getting the coverage that we need, and KoverageOne makes sure we already have the insurance information that we need.

Feliks Viner, VP of Secondary Marketing, First World Mortgage

Getting Started

KoverageOne knows that we can make a difference in your business today. The KoverageOne solution will provide an immediate positive impact on the mortgage process. The continued adoption of the KoverageOne solution will provide a long term financial reward for its partners.

KoverageOne has expanded its partner network and is searching for qualified partners willing to adopt its solutions into their mortgage process. Each new partnership is tailored specifically. Slots are filling up quickly, so contact us today and speak to a representative about how KoverageOne can help you.